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03. Teach Yourself Worksheets (4)

Resource type Independent (Unpaired) Samples t-test (Worksheet)
Independent Samples t-tests are used to test a hypothesis of differences between two population means when your data comes from two different or independent groups of subjects. This teach yourself worksheet provides an introduction to independent samples t-tests including how to do these using SPSS.
Resource type Introduction to Hypothesis Testing (Worksheet)
This teach yourself worksheet provides an overview of the framework used in hypothesis (significance) testing.
Resource type Introduction to Sample Size Calculations (Worksheet)
This teach yourself worksheet iprovides an introduction to determining the sample size, and explains how this is related to power and/or precision in a study.
Resource type Repeated Measures (Introductory Leaflet)
Repeated measures refers to having more than one measurement on each subject. This leaflet provides a brief overview of the various techniques you should consdeir using if you have repeated measures data. This also lists some useful resources at the end.